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Watershed Year for Yosemite's Falls
Rose Marie Cleese, Special to the Chronicle, Thursday, May 25, 1995

"Yosemite's waterfalls, fed by a prodigious snowpack, have begun to explode in an awesome alchemy of light, water and gravity.

The natural spectacle, unmatched elsewhere in the world, will top many predecessors on the Sierra's west side. The cataracts will provide the park's most spectacular display since 1983 and should remain impressive well into July. . ."
Publication: San Francisco Chronicle

The story behind the story: I was hoping to spend a weekend in Yosemite one particular spring, knowing that the falls would be spectacular that year due to the heavy snows the winter before. Everyone else had the same idea, so rooms were hard to come by. I thought to myself, “Gee, what a great story the falls in Yosemite would make this year!”, so I went to the outdoors editor and got the assignment…and the room!

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Publication: Panorama, quarterly newsletter of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

The story behind the story: I have recently been asked to write periodic stories for Panorama, covering a variety of local historical topics.  This article chronicles the 100-year history of the City's landmark Fairmont Hotel.  I researched and wrote both the article and the sidebar accompanying it.

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Publication: VIA 
(member magazine of Calif. State Auto. Assoc.)

The story behind the story: This article, about traveling to Washington, D.C., with my young daughter, was a companion piece to one by the popular former San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Adair Lara, who wrote about traveling with one of her kids to New York.

Publication: VIA 
(member magazine of Calif. State Auto. Assoc.)

The story behind the story: This article was one of several I wrote about cruising with kids — 
at a time when the idea of taking kids on cruises was still a novel notion.

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Working Title: 
Native Intelligence: The San Francisco Bay Area 
& Northern California, Inside and Out

The story behind the book: I was signed to write the first edition of this Northern California travel guide by a small East Coast publisher and spent two years researching and writing chapters for it. Unfortunately, the publishing company closed its doors before the book went into design.
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—ski resort ancillary website—

Website:  bear-valley.com 

The story behind the story: I researched and wrote all the editorial content for this website, and also provided the content organization of the site. This secondary website for the resort was originally set up to promote a dot.com’s discount lodgings. 

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